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May 302007

I was in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart [so that should tell you the type of people we are dealing with here] when I heard this woman screaming F*** this and F*** that on the top of her lungs.

So of course I had to look and listen while putting my groceries into my car. She was yelling at what I could only assume was her daughter [the poor kid was so sunk down in the front seat trying to hide out of embarrssment you could not really tell who or what this deluge was being directed at].

All I could make out of this madness was: “you’re nothing but a stupid F***ing kid”, “I know right from wrong” [apparently not or you would not treat another human like this], “don’t tell me, I saw it with my own eyes”, “she was in your bed and her filthy hands were all over you”, “good people don’t act that way” and on and on. She did not even take a breath when I walked up next to the car to return my cart [they were parked next to the cart return] and paused to look into the car]. She did not even curtail the language with a small impressionable child in the carseat in the back, why would she stop being an a*hole just because I walked up.

 I really wanted to reach out to this young person and tell them the rest of the wolrd is not this bad. Most of all I wished I could stick around to make sure it did not turn violent [it looked like it could go that way], but my frozen foods would no allow it.  I am sorry. If you are this person or know them please email me.  I hope your evening got better.

May 302007

I got an opener figure today at Suncoast Video. And a discount to boot [the package was all smashed]. Wahoo!

She was immediately ripped open, stuck on her stand and placed on a spot of honor on my desk at work.

Batwoman FigureFigre description: Direct from the pages of DC’s Weekly Blockbuster comes Batwoman. Standing at 6.75″, this figure features multiple points of articulation and a base. 52: A year without Superman; a year without Batman; a year without Wonder Woman…but not a year without heroes.

This figure looks like it was ripped out of the pages of 52 and placed on my desk in 3D. She looks great and still has plenty of articulation even if she is in the sex-goddess [but still a little butch] pose. She comes with a 52 stand and a batarang which she holds in her closed fist.

May 292007

Reality TV just sucks big time. And guess what we get a big dose of starting this month? A bunch of reality TV show crap that’s what. It is the same old same old with a few new ones thrown in for good measure.

But in amongst all that reality crap and it is crap don’t try to fool yourself into thinking it is entertaining ‘cause it isn’t, you may actually find some good TV if you flip through the channels a bit.

Here’s a list of some [hopefully] quality shows for your viewing pleasure:

Weeds [Can’t wait to see what happens after last season’s finale. Thank god for on-demand!] Returns 8/13 on SHO @ 9 [that’s EST as will all the times be from this notice forward].

Saving Grace new show starring Holly Hunter as Det. Grace Hannadarko 7/18 on TNT @ 10.

Kyle XY he meets up with his XX [female] counter part. 6/11 ABC Family @ 8.

Hex BBC America Saturdays @ 9. 2nd and sadly final season L

Creature Comforts new series from the guy who gives us Wallace and Gromit. Hopefully the USA version will not meet with the same fate as other Brit shows to cross the pond. 6/4 on CBS @ 8.

Eureka a town full of scientists mad and otherwise comes back for another season on SCIFI 7/10 @ 9.

Flash Gordon on SCIFI premieres 8/10. This will not be the 80s Flash [aaaaaaaah] version [check out the 80s Flash action figures at Entertainment Earth].

The 4400. 6/17 on USA @ 9

The Dead Zone Johnny is back! Hopefully sans political entanglements, the show is much better without them. 6/17 USA @ 10.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Cartoon Network 6/17 @ 10. Special 30th Anniversary show featuring the voice of Lucas himself!

Monk. The phobias return on 7/13 on USA @ 9.

The Closer 6/18 TNT @ 9. Not just another cop show.

Doctor Who. Last season we got a new Dr. This season a new companion. Loving this series. 7/6 on SCIFI @ 9

Jekyll 8/4 BBC America @ 8. Jekyll controls his Hyde with technology but watch out Big Brother might be watching.

May 262007

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End. [At our usual time. The first showing of the day on Saturday morning. We will never see a film at night again the local audiences are too disrespectful of the other film patrons.]

It was pretty good. The first two are better but this really ties things up. While I heard this is supposed to be the last I think they left wiggle room for a fourth if they really want the money. If you are expecting nonstop action this is not the film for you. There is plenty of action but it only takes up about one third of the three hours of the film. Kids behind us were bored and talking and kicking the seats so maybe you wanna leave them behind, perhaps.

 Oh, and a heads up. If you have not already heard this be sure and stay through the entire run of the credits. There is a tiny little scene at the end that seems to be an integral part of the storyline even though it is left for a mostly missed part of the film. So stick it out. [Sorry no spoilers here].

May 152007

I absolutely loved The Bionic Woman in the seventies. When I heard that there was going to be a new series on NBC this Fall I got pretty excited. At first. Then I thought back to the Jamie Sommers I knew and loved. How can they remake her? [I know they have the technology they can rebuild her…but redo it and still make me sit glued to the set like before?]

 Maybe. They do have a hot young actress playing Jamie. A new backstory, a darker millitary after her to do their bidding and more than one Bionic Woman . Okay. So I might just be glued to the set after all.

Check out the clip at and see for yourself. This is going to be one good show. Wednesdays at 9 on NBC this Fall.

And just maybe so I can get my fix for the 70s they will finally release the series on DVD. Well one can only hope. And they better bring her man The Six Million Dollar Man that is.

May 132007

I am working on a big [big for me] LEGO project. I have purchased the instructions for some really cool Star Trek sets from BaronSat. And these will be really cool once I get all the pieces and can start building.

I spent all day saturday digging through my lego pieces and got maybe 50% of the stuff together.

Then I spent the day on sunday going through getting the other pieces ordered. I am still missing a few pieces but once I get it all together I will post pictures here and on my LEGO pages.

May 102007

52 is over. We got a great story over the course of the year and some really good characters stepping up to fill the shoes of the big guns.

BatwomanI for one hope to see many of theses characters again and really, really hope DC will see fit to give Batwoman [in the 52 she’s a lesbian character] and Rene as the new Question both the own books. And when you do you can subscribe me to both of them.

Heck, I just got my Batwoman action figure and she tells me she is up for the challenge of a monthly series. Hey DC listen up will ya! Give the dyke a chance.


May 102007

I have been trying to fiddle with OScommerce for a website and while it is working and all that. It is just plain ugly. And changing the overall look is not all that easy.

Yes, you can change the very basics quickly but we wanted a whole new look and without paying an arm and a leg to get it.

I did find a free template site on the forums but can no longer find it. They forums are very helpful for most things but as soon as you ask for help with a template they all clam up and point you to the contributions. The template contributions really are crappy [don’t want to tell them that though].

 And everytime I do a google search for free templates I get nothing but the pay sites [google should try to figure a better way of filtering those results].

 Any who if you know any good free templates post them in the comments and I will do the same as I finally find some.

May 082007

Paris Hilton is finally getting what she deserves. Not that she thinks so. In fact she has tried everything she can [except bribe the judge] to get out of it.

But why should she get out of it that easily? Any one of us normal folks would get a huge fine, longer jail time, no special treatment in prison, and lose our license for a few years for the offenses she has been caught doing.

All these stars [or so called stars] need to know they will get the same treatment as any one of us. Especially when endangering our lives. Really who does she think she is? What she did is just as bad as pulling a gun on someone.

I have to agree with her in one aspect…the judge was unfair. Unfair to us! Her sentence should have been a lot longer.

May 052007

Isn’t Free Comic Book Day about free comics? And getting the comics to the kids? Get them hooked so they buy more comics? Then why, oh why, were the two shops I visited on Saturday May 5th only giving away one free comic then charging for any others you picked up? Granted the one shop […]

May 012007

First, they discontinue my favorite ice tea, oolong leaving me and the rest of the world with that crappy blueberry oolong. If you are going to continue to make oolong to add the over powering blueberry flavor to it why not still make the good plain oolong? It is SO much better than that stuff […]