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Oct 312007

Value meals are known for their low costs and smaller quantities. The one restaurant that seemed to still give you a decent sized burger for your dollar was McDonald’s. Not any more.

I ordered a double cheeseburger the other day and took six big bites before I ever hit meat. I pulled the bun off and took a look at what was inside [wish I had my camera with me at the time]. The burgers weren’t much bigger than a silver dollar and almost as thing. I really thought McD’s stole the patties from Wendy’s, who has been short changing us on the beef for years. [They’ll never be able to bring back the commercials with the little old lady yelling, “where’s the beef?” because it ain’t at Wendy’s nor McDonald’s for that matter.

Guess what they say is true. You get what you pay for and a buck these days does get you nothing but crap.

Oct 292007

Christmas time is coming and now is the time for getting all your gifts. If you are like me your list is comprised mostly of electronic items. Well, electronics require power and usually more power than the manufacturer gives us.

Laptops are a number one gift but most only come with a two-hour battery. Not enough battery life if you are out and about. Add more value to that shiny, new gift you’ll be giving.

Another little holiday power tip for you. Pull out those old camcorders now and dust them off. Now is the time to test them out and get new batteries for them so you don’t miss any of those precious memories this year.

If you have a PDA, camcorder, laptop, MP3, portable DVD player or just about any other high tech gadget out there you’ll want to check out I just discovered them and have several batteries on my Xmas list now too. If anyone is listening I need both a laptop battery and a new battery for my PDA. is a great source for Laptop Batteries, Camcorder Batteries, PDA Batteries, really just about any battery.

Oct 292007

Like all good horror flicks this post has a sequel too. I have been getting hits from people searching on how to access FEARnet on demand. And you know what that is a good question.

When they first announced the “channel” on Comcast I was excited but I too had trouble figuring it all out. You can get to their website and watch stuff online, but no real instructions on how to get to the films on Comcast.

Well it turns out that you can get to them in several ways. There is an actual channel set aside for them, which I think is really, really stupid since the films are on demand and no channel other than channel 1 is really needed. So if you access the channel [my local service has it at 166] you are simply taken to ON DEMAND albeit straight to the FEARnet content.

If you access FEARnet via channel 1 you get the ON DEMAND main menu form there you can access FEARnet from two different ways. Go to FREE MOVIES then to FEARnet then choose your poison. If you go to FREE MOVIES and review the movie listings by category or titles you will find that most of the horror films listed here are from FEARnet. But I would not even bother if I were you as FEARnet really sucks. There are many other great horror channels out there that offer more content and even series as well as films but Comcast choose to go with this crappy service. Call Comcast and tell them you do not want FEARnet that you would prefer they give the Chiller channel or another higher quality channel anything other than FEARnet. They can check out the Direct TV line up if they need help finding a better channel. But I think they are more concerned with bringing us ON DEMAND content than quality channels. They continue to raise our prices and don’t listen to what we want. Give them a call at 800-comcast and tell them you are sick of it. I know I am and I have already called…several times.

Oct 292007

The weather is getting cooler up north and my thoughts start to turn toward a trip down south. One place I recently found out about is St. Augustine Ponte Vedra in Florida. It is located just south of Jacksonville along the east coast of Florida.

One of the things that caught my eye, besides all the history this place has, is the event Uptown Saturday Night. They have antique shops, galleries and one of my favorites the Ripley museum that all stay open for the special event. The Uptown Saturday Nights are on the last Saturday of every month. Sorry we just missed the October 27th one but there are more to come, but only two left in 2007 November 24th and December 29th. Of course 2008 is completely open too.

So what happens during these evenings? All kinds of special events that’s what! They have book signings, live music, and other fun events to make the whole thing a big party. It is right down town from 5 to 9 pm on the last Saturday of every month. So when you are heading down south for warmer weather be sure to head out to the events in St. Augustine Ponte Vedra along the Florida cost.

Oh and did I mention the parking is free and the admission is free.

Oct 282007

Even when I have nothing to do with the ordering and delivering processes I can still ruin a good meal. All I was going to do was eat it. I was at a friend’s house for a Halloween party last night and the pizza was being delivered as I got there. Perhaps that is all that is needed, me partaking and being in the vicinity of the food as it arrives.

The food that arrived was not the food that was ordered. They order two pizzas from Papa Johns one was half cheese and half mushroom the other was sausage. Well the half and half was right but the other was a mushroom pizza, no meat involved.

So they called to tell them they made a mistake and to get the right pizza delivered ASAP. One would think an error would have been corrected as soon as they could, but no. They told us it would be 30-45 minutes. An hour and a half later it arrived.

Oct 272007

I just love getting free stuff in the mail. I had signed up for the Diamond Select Toys newsletter quite a while ago and haven’t bought from them in about a year, but this morning I got a little package in the mail from them.

It contained two single minimates. One was from their The Hunt 2007 [it is a dud in black tee, shorts and black chucks…like mine] and the other was a Battlestar Galactica cylon from the new series, which will fit in just nicely with my mini BSG collection. He can hang out with the other cylons from a different era.

Thanks DST for the free goodies. They also sent along a coupon code for a future order too. I’ll have to see if they have something in stock that I want to save 10% on and that I don’t already have.

Oct 262007

The restaurant issues continue. This time we are back to Applebees, but a different one than before. This time it was a take out order for all of us at work. We have ordered from them before and have had problems from them before as well.

This time they let us order something that was no longer on the menu, which really held up the order when we went to pick it up. So we sat around waiting for the order once we made the changes for the two salads that are no longer on the menu. [They were smart enough to give us an updated menu to take with us.]

Anywho, we got back with our newly formulated ordered only to discover that the salads had no dressings. Luckily we had some on hand as the wilted lettuce would not have been very good without something on it. The worst part about this little glitch was the fact that it was a to go order and to get it fixed we would have had to drive all the way back to the restaurant. Not worth it.

I am really starting to think that perhaps I just should not order out at all.

Oct 262007

I first stumbled on PayPerPost about six months ago. At the time I had a new blog without a lot of posts. But I felt payperpost was a great opportunity not just to make money but also to help my blog grow so I worked really hard to get accepted into their program.

It wasn’t easy at first to get their approval, but it was worth all that effort I had to put into my blog to get their approval. All the hoops I jumped through just let me know they were in fact the real deal that I would get quality topics and not have to worry about getting paid for my posts either.

What really drew me to PayPerPost was the fact that you, the writer, get to choose your own writing opportunities unlike some of their competition that tell you what to write. Plus they really want you to succeed. They have a blog of their own that helps you with updates and tips on how PayPerPost works.

I have not checked it out, but they also have a message board with a very helpful community, which I hope to join very soon. As my blog grows I know my opportunities with PPP will grow as well. I can’t say that the money does appeal to me as well, because it certainly does. I hope to make enough to pay for the upkeep of my website after that who knows.

If you like to write and want to make a little money from your writing check out you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Oct 232007

Futurama New DVDI absolutely love Futurama and was pleased as punch to see that they would be returning. But there is still a lot of confusion around this return.

Billy West [he does the voice of Fry] posted on his site that the entire cast would be returning to do a straight to DVD movie. Which would be fine for me as long as I get to see new Futurama. He later went on to say that they would be returning as episodes on TV.

Now I am seeing an animation cell for the DVD movie. What gives? Will it be a DVD only movie or will it in fact be TV episodes? Some one help.

Oct 232007

Recent rounds of SPAM coming into my in box all seem to originate in the future dating any where from 2026 to 2038. Guess I don’t have to bother reading them for another 31 years!