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Dec 302007

The new Batman film is starting to pique my interest. Finally, there is a true dark Dark Knight film. Yes, the first two Batman films were darker and edgier than the rest of the films, which I like to forget about ever existing. The trailer shows a promising story and a scary Joker. Who knew Heath Ledger could pull it off? Check out the Batman Dark Knight trailer below to see what you think.

I am seeing the name Harvey Dent thrown around. Hopefully, this is just his introduction and we won’t be hit with two bad guys yet again. You would think they would have learned from the fist time they tried to make the franchise fly and it failed. Or look at Marvel’s worst Spidey film to date. We do not need or want more than one villain at a time people.

Dec 292007

With the rising cost of fuel oil it is getting to be really expensive to heat our house. We are in need of oil yet again. At this rate we might be freezing to death by the time the really cold weather hits us. We are looking into alternate ways to heat the house and the best thing we have come across are room heaters. Basically we will heat the rooms we are in and keep the rest of the house cooler to keep our oil usage down. DESA Online Outlet has quite a few options to choose from natural gas heaters, propane heaters and electric heaters. Once we pinpoint which options we want then we have to choose if we want a fireplace, stove or wall heater.

There is a really nice electric stove, which gives you the warming glow of a fire without the fire. Plus it is small enough to be able to be mobile and go from room to room with us unlike the very cool fireplaces. My parents had a gas fireplace and it was great. It not only added heat to the room but also added a nice homey atmosphere.

Besides the attractive home interior heating solutions there is also a great selection of gas garage heaters too. Dad should have one of these for his detached garage so he can do some of his outdoor chores even when the temperatures drop.

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Dec 292007

Why do clothing manufacturers feel that all overweight people must wear stretch pants? It is next to impossible to find jeans that do not include some kind of stretch material. Personally, I hate stretch jeans. They never fit right and if they are slightly tight in one area they stretch and pull down the pants making them even more uncomfortable.

But don’t even get me started on the skin tight, body hugging stretch pant that all fat people seem to be wearing. At least the jeans leave something to the imagination, but the spandex pant does not. These should not even be sold let alone worn in public. I guess if you are really huge these might be the only thing you can fit in and still allow you to move around a little, but the rest of the world does not want to see you in them!

Dec 292007

A few years ago my sister had gastric bypass surgery. Back then you did not hear too much about the Lap Band procedure and what you did hear wasn’t always good. She went through a very serious surgery for the sake of her health. Since then the Lap Band procedure has come a long way and the laparoscopic surgery is much less invasive then what she had to go through. Granted this surgery is not for everyone but if you are thinking of getting a gastric bypass to lose a lot of weight and to improve your health carefully weigh all your options, talk to several doctors and take a look at lap band surgeons for your options on surgical weight loss. Of all the people I have met that had gastric bypasses those having the lap band procedure seem to have the best results. Just remember this is not a simple fix and requires a lifetime commitment to make it work.

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Dec 282007

I am so screwed being out of work all this time from that damn accident. My boss told me she would pay me for my time off work, but also said she would only cover the part of my lost wages that insurance did not cover. This was very generous especially since we do not get any sick days and I had already used all my vacation days. So I was paid for the first two weeks and I paid my bills, no money in the bank.

I get my check for the next two weeks and it is only for the few hours I had actually clocked in for. They knew I had been working from home when I was not there plus I was still expecting at least one more week from them. I understand why they did not as I should be getting something from insurance, but I have not yet heard from the insurance company as of yet. And I have no idea when or if I will get anything from them. So basically I cannot pay my car payment. I cannot even get back and forth from work as I don’t have enough for gas.

I had a little bit of a break down and they said they would lend me the money until I get my insurance check, but I decided to just get them to add in the hours I worked from home and the tow days I had left of my vacation and I should have enough for the car payment and gas now, but the rest of my bills will have to wait until I get some more money coming my way. So off to the web to try and make some money. I guess eBay will be my first step, but it takes money to make money with all the fees. Being piss poor is no fun. It is really hard to live hand to mouth. Well that’s my sob story and I am sticking to it.

Dec 222007

I had my ultrasound on my legs today to make sure I do not have any blood clots. I pressured the doctor into allowing the test because I have been staying up too late watching Discovery Health and I got scared of DVTs or deep vein thrombosis.

Let me tell you this is one of the worst tests I have ever had. It really hurts. I think it would have hurt just as bad even if I did not have two huge injuries on both legs. The worst part was right above the knee on the inner thigh. Man that hurt.

The girl giving me the test tried to avoid two of the big bruises on my left leg but she had to do the test. She was very friendly and talking to me helped distract me from what she was doing. Who knew an ultrasound would hurt so much? She told me that once a lady got off the table and hit her. I promised not to hit her but said I was going to blog about how horrible it was.

Dec 202007

Went to the post office today. And even with it being just a few days before Xmas it wasn’t too busy or maybe that is why it wasn’t busy. My idea was to just quickly run in and ship my eBay sale off to the customer via the self-service kiosk. But it was three people deep. Looked in at the clerks and both of them were sitting in there twiddling there thumbs.

Why in the world would you wait in line to do it yourself when you can walk right in and have someone else do it for you? So that is exactly what I did. I marched myself in there and asked them which one wanted to help me with my shipment. They both laughed and said it was kind of funny how the Post Office is pushing the self-service to the point of ignoring the paid help.

Dec 182007

First day back at work. Okay so it was not a full days work but it was work. The commute alone was bad enough but then sitting there for four hours at the computer nearly killed me. The job is not hard it is computer work after all, but with my injuries my legs need to be up. There is no way I can put my legs up at work so the half day was literally hell.

I nearly passed out once I got home. Thought I was off the Vicodin, but I was forced into taking some so I could sleep at night. My sleep has really been off since the accident. I don’t know if it is the pain or the drugs that are keeping me awake. When I do sleep it is not very restful. We shall see how this return goes, but I am going to be taking it slow. As long as my wallet lets me that is.

Dec 152007

Why do people wear PJ bottoms out it public? Is it really that hard to put on a pair of jeans before leaving the house? This is an idiotic fashion statement, especially in the middle of winter. The thin flannel cannot be warm. Yeah they are comfy, but comfy for the home sitting around watch TV. Come on people pull on some jeans and leave those pajama bottoms at home where they belong.

Take that free advice and don’t do it. don’t subject the world to your poor fashion sense. [Don’t even think about swapping the PJs for Sweats either. Sweats are not a good option either.]

Dec 132007

Yesterday I posted about Jodie Foster possibly outing herself at the recent Women in Entertainment Breakfast. While this is important to me I don’t really seeing it as being big news. But it appears that it is. Just google it for yourself. You’ll get all the little blogs like mine but a lot of big news outlets too.

It is important to have celebrities come out and show the world at large that being gay is okay. But really why is America so fascinated by the news of who’s gay and who’s not gay? Jodie’s coming out is no big surprise to those of us with a working gaydar [that’s gay radar for those of you not in the know]. And the nonchalant way she went about it as if it were an everyday thing with no importance at all was so cool. She should be able to continue to live her life as she always has without so much as a hiccup in how she will be treated. Those of us who have always loved and respected her will continue to do so.

Well this is a good way to end 2007 with two great entertainment icons coming out of the closet. First Dumbledore and now Jodie Foster.

Dec 132007
Let the Healing Begin

I have to say I am starting to feel a little better. I have been gauging my rib pain by how horrible it feels when I sneeze. The first sneeze last week almost killed me the pain was so bad, but today all it did was make me want to cry. So I would have […]

Dec 122007
Jodie Foster Out or Not?

Looks like Jodie foster may have just outed herself after all these years of wondering. During her recent acceptance speech for the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at the 16th Annual Women in Entertainment breakfast she publicly thanked her long time friend Cydney Bernard. She thanked her by saying, “my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me […]