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Dec 082007

Well as I have stated previously, we were in a pretty bad accident on Sunday November 25th 2007. We were coming home after running a few errands. Leaving Wal-mart of all places [but not the Wal-mart that has been pissing me off with their DVD pricing this is one with good pricing]. When all of the sudden this SUV decides to make a left hand turn crossing over our lane in front of us.

I had a very similar accident 10 years ago when a white Ford Explorer decided to cross the road I was driving on directly in front of me. To live through two of these near head on collisions is amazing. With each succeeding accident my injuries have gotten worse. So I guess in 2017 I will have to watch out for any Ford Explorer trying to go in front of my car, because I most likely won’t survive the third on of these accidents. Especially if the rest of my dream from last year comes true.

Here are photos of the two vehicles involved. The black car is ours. I was the passenger. The dark green SUV is the perpetrator of this crime. He wasn’t really hurt. And I have my suspicions he was on his cell phone. I do know he did not even bother to have his turn signal on when he cut in front of us nearly killing us both. [Sorry the photos are rather blurry. I did not take them.]

Our Car from Accident SUV from Accident

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