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Apr 152007

I have been hearing that action figures are dead. That kids don’t play with them any more. All they want are video games and collectible card games. Well that’s just not true. Spend a day with a kid at Grandma’s house [no video games] and give him a figure or two to play with. Guess what the imagination comes back and they play. [True story this past easter sunday with a seven year old who played for hours with my Venom and Spidey figures.]

So while toy stores are pulling the plug on figures they are still out there to get you just need to adjust your shopping to online or comic shops to get them.

It would be great to see the big toy stores [Toys R Us and KB Toys] give crappy figures like the McFarlane bullsh** a rest and bring back figures with playability!

Check out this article for more info on some cool figures you’ll have to go searching to find…. Action figures Aren’t Dead Yet at

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