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Mar 302007

I am not an American Idol fan [no real news there], but every once in a while I am forced to view a portion of the show. You know when they decide to run over so House [now that’s real entertainment] is 10 minutes late I get stuck seeing some of the crap.

All I want to know is what the hell is America thinking? Why in the world is that voiceless, goofball [who needs to swing the closet door wide open] Sanjaya Malakar still on that show. Come on America wake up a smell the coffee and stop voting for the little freak. Actually, stop voting for all the guys; they all mostly suck. One of the girls needs to win this one.

Heck, why not just give it all a rest and stop watching the crap in the first place and let this tired show and Simon’s tired rhetoric die?! Or maybe vote Sandpaper in and let Simon quit like he promised he would.

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