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Oct 072007

The bad restaurant karma continues. I don’t know what it is about me and eating out but the combination seems to be a bad one.

Last Saturday we met friends at the local Appplebee’s and the service was horrible. There were only four us at the table and we were only one of a few tables our waitress Ashley P. had so I am not quite sure as to what the problem was.

It all started when the food came out to the table. Everyone’s food but mine arrived. When mine arrived I was told the shrimp would be coming out shortly because they gave me the fried shrimp instead of the grilled. Not a big deal really, but then I cut into my steak. The steak was supposed to be medium rare. It was not. Instead it was well done, not even close to medium let alone medium rare. So when the person [I think the manager] brought out my shrimp I let him know about the steak being wrong. I was quickly brought the right steak.

Our waitress never returned to see if we needed anything else like drink refills. We had to track someone down. Again I think a manager.

Okay, so a manager was at our table three times and knew of all our problems. Why did he not do something for us? Not that I am out to get a discount at every restaurant I eat at, but I think we should have been offered something for our trouble. I won’t be back to that Applebee’s that’s for sure.

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