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Jun 052007

Well the writing is on the wall for this great series. The powers that be have annouced that Battlestar Galactica will be ending with the fourth season which will be starting in November with a 2 hour episode but officially begins in early 2008.

The shows creators think the story was heading to a climax and agreed to go that direction. So the next 2 episodes will be the last for this great series. Sucks too since the fan base was growing. The licensing was only really starting — we got comics and we will be getting more toys [up until now only a hand full from the new series, but more are on the way].

I am sure the fans will still be able to get their BSG fix online and with the DVD releases. [for more on Battlestar Galactica head to].

While the TV series might be winding down the Battlestar Galactica comics are really gearing up. There have been several side stories along with the main BSG title and with Free Comic Book Day the beginning of Battlestar Galactica Season Zero.  Check ’em out!

Yahoo has the scoop on the final demise of BSG. (no longer at

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