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Sep 192007

The company that makes the Big Dog Feeder had briefly stopped manufacturing it due to a problem with the plant.

They are now back and ready to roll. If you have a big dog you should really take a look at these. They are available at or for around $65.00, but isn’t your big guy worth it? The price may seem high but the Big Dog Feeder is made in the USA and not overseas, plus as the name says it is big.

What is a Big Dog Feeder? The Big Dog Feeder is 16 inches high making it easier for the bigger dog to eat at a more comfortable level. The legs are hollow so filling them with either sand or gravel will help to steady the feeder while he is chowing down. The stainless steel bowls are 4 quarts each [you get 2 — one for food, one for water].

Why a Big Dog Feeder? Because bending over to eat off the floor really isn’t good for your big dog. He can get GDV or Gastric Dilation Volvulus which is a scary technical name for bloating. The big dog feeder raises his eating level to 16” helping to improve his posture and therefore reduce gulping – the main culprit in bloating in dogs.

Older big dogs can now enjoy there meals pain free by not having to add stress to their joints by bending or crouching to eat.

The table top of the Big Dog Feeder measures 28” by 14” and has a raised outer rim to reduce floor spillage. The bowls remove easy for cleaning and are dishwasher safe to boot. With the bowls removed the table top can be easily cleaned with soap and water. The feeder even has the added value of a five year manufacturer’s warranty.

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