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May 152007

I absolutely loved The Bionic Woman in the seventies. When I heard that there was going to be a new series on NBC this Fall I got pretty excited. At first. Then I thought back to the Jamie Sommers I knew and loved. How can they remake her? [I know they have the technology they can rebuild her…but redo it and still make me sit glued to the set like before?]

 Maybe. They do have a hot young actress playing Jamie. A new backstory, a darker millitary after her to do their bidding and more than one Bionic Woman . Okay. So I might just be glued to the set after all.

Check out the clip at and see for yourself. This is going to be one good show. Wednesdays at 9 on NBC this Fall.

And just maybe so I can get my fix for the 70s they will finally release the series on DVD. Well one can only hope. And they better bring her man The Six Million Dollar Man that is.

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