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Mar 122007

I first heard of this during a commercial while my roomate was watching Golden Girls reruns one day. I don’t normally watch Lifetime but had to take a look into a series with Vampires and other occult themes on this “woman’s” channel. My Mom even called to tell me it was coming on [she knows how much I like my vamps].

 Here is the description right from Lifetime’s site for Blood Ties: “Get ready to take a thrilling ride through the mystical world of private investigator Vicki Nelson, who finds herself solving supernatural crimes after joining forces with the mysterious and sexy Henry, who claims to be a 450-year-old vampire! When sparks start to fly between the unlikely pair, Vicki’s torn between her new fanged friend and her former colleague and sometime lover, Mike.”

I am still on the fence with this one as with all pilots this one did not really rock my boat. But that does not mean the series will not be good. I just need a few more episodes to get into it.

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