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Oct 102007

I already brought up that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month with my post about the Pink Breast Cancer Loofa Dog toy. But I just wanted to touch on this very important subject yet again with just a couple of things.

First, 1800-FREE411 will donate $1 for each new call. So go ahead and dial them up and ask them for a phone number. What’s it gonna cost you other than a minute or two fo your time? Nada, that’s what.

Secondly, I followed a car to work with a pink ribbon on the back with find a cure emblazoned across it. Nice sentiment, if only the drive meant it. She was puffing away on a cigarette as she was speeding down the highway. While only a few studies show a connection between breast cancer and smoking, we do know there is a connection between lung cancer and smoking. [And I won’t even start on the affects of second hand smoke on people around you.] All I will say is if you are concerned about one cancer perhaps you should be a little concerned about the other forms of cancer.

With that said here are a few things to do to help prevent breast cancer…

  • Reduce your weight. Obese people, especially postmenopausal women have an increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Don’t drink. 2 or more alcoholic beverages a day have been proven to increase your risks.
  • Don’t smoke. It is just the smart thing to do.
  • Exercise. Increased physical activity may lower your risks of getting cancer and like milk it does a body good.

And don’t forget, while most people think of breast cancer as a woman’s disease [that’s the reason behind all the pink you see in October], men can get breast cancer too.

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