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Oct 012007

Pink LoofaOctober is breast cancer awareness month and for the first time the pet toy industry is lending a helping hand.

Multipet International has unveiled the Pink Loofa Dog. You know him from those adorable PetSmart commercials where the little guy won’t give up his Bobo and it is replaced with a new one while he is sleeping.

The Pink Loofa Dog has a pink ribbon embroidered on his chest to help make more people aware of the dangers of breast cancer and to help raise money for research. Multipet is donating a portion of the proceeds for each sale to research.

Dogs have become our new heroes in the battle against cancer: from those trained to detect cancer cells to those who join with hundreds to march to raise awareness, to those who choose to play with the new Multipet pink ribbon Loofa Dog.

“The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has been selected as our charity-of-choice to receive ongoing contributions from the sale of the pink Loofa Dog,” says Multipet President Mark Hirschberg.

They decided to make this great dog toy with a cause after hearing the story of survival from one of their employees, Leslie Yellin, the company’s Director of Strategic Accounts, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.

“I was devastated when I was told that I had breast cancer,” says Ms. Yellin. “Having gone through this, and come out a survivor, made me want to reach out to help bring awareness of this dreaded disease that affects 1 woman in 8 in the United States,” adds Yellin.

“We need to be able to spread the word about breast cancer awareness and research in as many venues as possible. We believe that the pink-ribbon Loofa will help to encourage awareness among our key audience…the pet owner,” she adds.

These toys can be hard to find even though they are supposed to be carried by national chains, but don’t worry you can get them now at

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