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Oct 182007

I have had a few controversial bumper stickers in my time which have caused me to have me and my car attacked, both physically and verbally.

Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus. Well that one is just funny no matter who you are, unless of course you are a right wing zealot or overly sensitive activist.

Nuke the Whales and Pave the Beaches. I have a thing about sand I hate it. This was a big joke, which is not so funny in some circles I suppose.

Against Abortion – Don’t Have One! This one got my car egged, pamphlets on abortion left on my windows and me yelled at as I got into my car on many occasions. I am pro choice, but that choice does not have to be to have the abortion. People can’t seem to grasp that concept can they?

Assimilation is Not A Family Value. The rainbow lettering should give some of that away while the obvious Star Trek Borg reference slaps you in the face. I stood my ground while a redneck got in my personal space pounding on my car asking what this meant. Thank goddess he took my “it’s a Star Trek thing you wouldn’t understand” answer and left me alone.

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