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Oct 162007

I don’t usually dream, at least not that I remember. But last night’s was a real winner. When I do remember my dreams they are often of the same city. This is not a city I have ever actually been in. It is either total fantasy or something from a past life experience. If the latter is true then I hope my dream last night has nothing to do with reality.

I was dumped off on the southern side of this town which is full of abandoned buildings mostly old empty factories and the like. Started out in a car but ran into a blocked road which was guarded my military-type, big guys with guns who chased us [not sure who was with me] off the road and we had to leave the car. Once out of the car we were chased through several empty and decaying industrial buildings. On the other side of these buildings we came to a wooden area, not really a forest and not a jungle just a heavily wooded area. Here we encountered scary cannibals who chased us through the woods. Woke up before I was caught but there did not appear to be any escape.

I am sure a dream analysis would say I am feeling trapped by my personal or professional life. Well, they wouldn’t be too far off when it comes to the old job. Can’t live with it and can’t live without it.

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