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Nov 082007

There’s a new Stephen King film coming out, The Mist. It is about this guy and his kid who get trapped inside a store with other members of the town by a really bad fog. And there’s something in the mist that is picking them off one by one.

I saw the trailer the other night it looks really creepy. I hate fog. Not knowing what could be just a few feet away from you is really scary. I was stuck in traffic in a bad fog once. The traffic could not move faster than a couple miles per hour. When you let your imagination run away with you all sorts of things start crawling out of that mist. Guess that’s where great writers like Stephen King make their mark. While I was sitting there I had rapists and murders coming out of nowhere and jumping in the car with me. I could not wait to get out of there. Being in the car by myself at least I did have to deal with others who I thought were my friends like the guy in The Mist.

So if you want to scare yourself silly check out the trailer for the new film The Mist by Stephen King then drive through a thick fog late at night and wonder what’s out there with you.

In theaters November 21st.

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