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Aug 012007

I knew it wasn’t going to be a very good day when I got up this morning. Guess I am still feeling the affects of the full moon on Monday. My car’s odometer was 66601. I passed 3 trucks hauling burial vaults on my morning commute.

Then everything at work seemed to go awry. Slow computer, having to reboot, missing paperwork, just to name a few things.

Then my tooth that I had a root canal in starts to ache making my commute home horrible. I get cut off by an aggressive driver, twice.

I tried to place an order online at and first the jeans I wanted couldn’t be found [found them finally]. Then when I added them to the cart they were the wrong ones and something else was in the cart too. Not sure how it got there but I cleared everything out and started over. So got the right jeans total plush shipping was 78.95 but for some reason the check out kept showing 83 something. What gives? Then when I back up to check the price my giftcard gets added to the check out again [would have been nice if it had stayed in there but when I completed the sale it showed the right amount off].

When I get home there’s a message on the machine telling me they did not get the giftcard number and I have to call them back. Guess what? I will have to dig that darned thing out of the trash when I get back to work tomorrow. So here goes another lunch spent with Yeah.

 Oh, and the lady at the toll booth short changed me. Okay, so it was only five cents but if she did that all day long she wouldn’t be able to walk with all her nickels shoved down her pants!

I am glad to be home. Maybe.

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