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Oct 072007

A while ago I had a filling come out while I was flossing. I had to get to work and could not get an immediate appointment for my dentist. That was partially my fault because I did not want to pay the inflated prices for an emergency dental visit. So I had to wait two weeks to get the tooth filled.

In those two weeks I had to hide my smile, which is rather hard to due when you work in retail. It might not have been so bad but the tooth was near the front and everyone could see it.

But that was not the worst part. The pain was really bad any time I would eat or drink anything, even when I breathed.

If I had known back then about Dentemp OS I would have saved myself some pain and embarrassment. Dentemp OS is a temporary dental repair formula that lets you quickly, usually within sixty minutes, repair your lost filling or crown. By filling in that gap in my tooth I could have avoided the pain caused by contact with food and even air.

What is Dentemp OS you ask? It is the number one temporary dental repair material on the market. It has a dual use for both lost fillings and loose crowns. It quickly relieves pain and discomfort from those dental conditions. There is no mixing, no mess, just use it straight out of the vial, which contains about six applications in it. The best part is in about thirty minutes you can eat on it.

I really wish I had known about this inexpensive and easy to use over-the-counter dental repair back then. Dentemp OS is readily available in most drugstore chains and of course online. So next time you find a missing filling or loose crown head out to your local drugstore for a temporary fix until you can get to your dentist.

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