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Oct 032007

googspy-mistakes.jpgI stumbled on this site [] today that supposedly tells you who is using Google Adwords for their sites and what ranking those sites are getting with certain keywords. Funny thing is both my sites show up on theirs saying I paid for the keywords, but I have never paid for a listing in Google. I have used Google Analytics and Adsense but never Adwords. Yet insists I am paying for my listings. Where do they get this misleading information from, but they should check it before they make these  false claims.

The company that is making these claims is Velocityscape. They make their living [according to their site] from moving data around as a software developer. googspy-mistakes2.jpgBut if they cannot get their information right how good could their software be? My guess is not very good at all especially when they are making false claims about companies paying for Adwords. They even have the audacity to advertise their paid services from these erroneous pages. Come on people anyone dumb enough to pay for should just send me their money. I can dig up false info as well as the next guy!

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  One Response to “Faulty Keyword Information from Velocityscape’s SpyFu & GoogSpy Sites”

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