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Jun 112007

As an on demand service under the movie category I expect certain things. One of which is no commercials. They have put commercials smack in the middle of their films.

When I first heard about this new service from Comcast I was very happy, especially since we do not get the channels that Direct TV gets such as the Horror Channel and now the Chiller Channel. Hell we still haven’t gotten Boomerang yet! But my excitement was soon dashed when I watched my first film on this new channel. I use the term channel loosely since when you click on the “channel” it simply takes you to the on demand service [which you can access via the remote or going to channel 1 so why use up actual channel numbers for a service that is already supplied with a channel number?]

Back on track here. The first time I watched a horror movie on FEARnet I was bombarded with ads and this very big Fearnet logo [or bug] at the bottom of my screen. Which is really distracting. Especially when they decide to extend it across the entire bottom of the screen taking up a third of the viewing area. This alone was enough to keep me from viewing films that were featured on FEARnet through Comcast [although it is hard to be discriminating when they mix the titles into all film titles under free movies].

Well I broke down this weekend when I saw several films with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I really thought I could deal with the big bugs on the screen but little did I know that was not all. They have now added a commercial in the middle of the films! I can deal with them in the beginning of the onDemand films and shows but come on don’t put them in the middle of a feature film! I don’t even watch AMC any more because they change their format from commercial free to all commercials – this really makes Monsterfest suck every year.

So FEARnet is on my list of only watch it when something better isn’t on due to their forcing advertising down our throats.

Now on to Comcast and trying to get them to simply remove all the added OD channels and make them give us real channels for our viewing pleasure. Head over to and give them an ear full and let them know we want Boomerang, Chiller Channel and a bunch of other good programming they seem fit to allow the satellite companies to keep to themselves. If they don’t give them to us maybe we should all start heading to them.

The horror continues in FEARnet Sucks Part II


UPDATE: The website for FEARnet now points to ChillerTV. Is this a good sign? Not sure yet.

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