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Oct 292007

Like all good horror flicks this post has a sequel too. I have been getting hits from people searching on how to access FEARnet on demand. And you know what that is a good question.

When they first announced the “channel” on Comcast I was excited but I too had trouble figuring it all out. You can get to their website and watch stuff online, but no real instructions on how to get to the films on Comcast.

Well it turns out that you can get to them in several ways. There is an actual channel set aside for them, which I think is really, really stupid since the films are on demand and no channel other than channel 1 is really needed. So if you access the channel [my local service has it at 166] you are simply taken to ON DEMAND albeit straight to the FEARnet content.

If you access FEARnet via channel 1 you get the ON DEMAND main menu form there you can access FEARnet from two different ways. Go to FREE MOVIES then to FEARnet then choose your poison. If you go to FREE MOVIES and review the movie listings by category or titles you will find that most of the horror films listed here are from FEARnet. But I would not even bother if I were you as FEARnet really sucks. There are many other great horror channels out there that offer more content and even series as well as films but Comcast choose to go with this crappy service. Call Comcast and tell them you do not want FEARnet that you would prefer they give the Chiller channel or another higher quality channel anything other than FEARnet. They can check out the Direct TV line up if they need help finding a better channel. But I think they are more concerned with bringing us ON DEMAND content than quality channels. They continue to raise our prices and don’t listen to what we want. Give them a call at 800-comcast and tell them you are sick of it. I know I am and I have already called…several times.

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