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May 052007

Isn’t Free Comic Book Day about free comics? And getting the comics to the kids? Get them hooked so they buy more comics?

Then why, oh why, were the two shops I visited on Saturday May 5th only giving away one free comic then charging for any others you picked up?

Granted the one shop was asking you to donate a buck to the comic book legal defense fund, which “Exists to fight censorship and defend the first amendment rights of comic book professionals throughout the United States.” So that was a good thing to do.

But the other shop, Golden Eagle Comics in Reading, PA was out right charging for them! I think if a book has the price of FREE written right on the cover you should not have to pay for it at all. Not even $.50 a book. Wonder what the folks who run the whole Free Comic Book Day gig would think about the profiting off of their free books? 

I agree that they may need to limit the books if they have a lot of traffic, but to charge for them that is just wrong!

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