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Jun 032007

This film, [amazon_link id=”B000XW5A50″ target=”_blank” ]Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus[/amazon_link], which is very loosely based on Diane Arbus is pure fantasy. The title an imaginary portrait does not even begin to touch on how imaginary this really is.

As one reviewer put it, this is “a modern day beauty and the beast”. Nicole Kidman does a nice job. Even if it is very similar to all the parts she has been playing lately.

If you want to know about the artist do not watch this movie. If you want to spend two hours watching a fairy tale this is for you.

As a photographer and fan of Diane Arbus’ I was really looking forward to this film and when I finally saw it I was less than impressed.
Twins by Diane Arbus
A few good resources for info on Diane Arbus can be found at these websites:

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