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Oct 292007

Christmas time is coming and now is the time for getting all your gifts. If you are like me your list is comprised mostly of electronic items. Well, electronics require power and usually more power than the manufacturer gives us.

Laptops are a number one gift but most only come with a two-hour battery. Not enough battery life if you are out and about. Add more value to that shiny, new gift you’ll be giving.

Another little holiday power tip for you. Pull out those old camcorders now and dust them off. Now is the time to test them out and get new batteries for them so you don’t miss any of those precious memories this year.

If you have a PDA, camcorder, laptop, MP3, portable DVD player or just about any other high tech gadget out there you’ll want to check out I just discovered them and have several batteries on my Xmas list now too. If anyone is listening I need both a laptop battery and a new battery for my PDA. is a great source for Laptop Batteries, Camcorder Batteries, PDA Batteries, really just about any battery.

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