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Nov 292007

If it is not the guy who decided to almost take my life on Sunday or his insurance company or my insurance company it is everyone else!

Most recently it is PayPerPost. Which quite honestly is normally a great place to work with get some money from your blogs. Which quite frankly thanks to that asshole on Sunday I am in desperate need of!

So I go to PPP to try and find some things to write about and get a few extra dollars to cover some of these bills which are adding up after three days in the hospital and who knows how long out of work and they reject the post without even completely reviewing it!

I always choose things I want to write about and jumped on the Sweeny Todd offer ASAP. I had all my content but had to edit it and change a few things so I put all the required info in the post first and added the trailer before adjusting and adding my personal content.

Normally, it takes them days to even look at a post, but for some reason on the day when it is taking me longer to do anything is the day they are on top of me. I am sorry that the medications I am on for the six broken ribs I have makes me a little slower than normal!

Most days I would be proud to post this badge but not today. [removed dead link to the PPP badge]

UPDATE: Now they are telling me I did not add all the stupid little code they require. I know I did and posted it exactly like they requested. I double checked and it is all there as requested. Links, codes, images, everything!  They need to take a better look at that post!

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