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Nov 162007

I know the title of this post sounds pushy but you really won’t regret it. [Unless you by a super cheap one with with only one megapixel resolution that is.]

I was a diehard SLR user who refused to go digital. I never thought I would be happy with the quality of a digital camera. So when I first started coming around and looking for a digital camera I wanted one that have as many features as my SLR film cameras did.

Not an easy task back in 2000. My first thought was to get a digital body to go with all the Minolta lenses I already had. This proved impossible due to the high cost of digital SLR camera bodies at the time. So I started looking at point and shoot digital cameras, but I still kept hitting that same ole wall. I wanted more control the camera than these would provide.

Olympus E-10Then I found the Olympus E-10. It was a more reasonably price SLR with the ability to manually focus and both aperture and shutter control as well as fully automatic functions. I bit the bullet and bought it. And I am so glad I did. The images are great. I have taken more photos than I could ever have with film. It has more than paid for itself in all the savings from no longer buying film.

Probably the most satisfying thing about the digital camera is being able to review the images and immediately reshooting if there is a problem or being able to shoot many shots without fear of running out of film.

I have since purchased another small pocket sized Kodak EasyShare V550, which easily fits in a pocket and goes anywhere. I use it almost every day for both personal and professional. Since I purchased my first digital camera I have been taking digital images for several online stores. It was that ease of editing, uploading and share of the photographs that finally convinced me to use one for family and friends pictures too.

The quality of digital cameras have been getting so much better over the years that I see another camera sometime in the near future too. So don’t put it off any longer. Dip into the pool of digital photography.

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