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Dec 132007

I have to say I am starting to feel a little better. I have been gauging my rib pain by how horrible it feels when I sneeze. The first sneeze last week almost killed me the pain was so bad, but today all it did was make me want to cry. So I would have to say I must be getting better.

Went to the doctor today and he said it could be a month or more before my ribs are healed to a point where I am feeling back to myself again. Oh joy.

So I decided that since modern medical science cannot seem to do anything for broken ribs I would start to look for some alternative healing help. I have been looking into quartz crystals. Each quartz crystal has its own healing properties. Clear quartz is supposed to help with pain and amplify your natural healing properties. Rose quartz helps with cardiovascular health, headaches, and sinuses. It is pretty much the ear, nose, throat doctor of the crystal world. Rutilated [their the cool ones with straw-like elements inside of them] quartz helps regenerate tissue and boosts the immune system. Smokey quartz helps with just about everything in the lower abdomen.

Looks like I could stand to use one or more of each type of quartz just to cover all my bases. I know I have at least one upstairs in my jewelry box so I better go dig it out. FUZE Necklaces

For an added cool factor I might have to get a FUZE necklace. They are quartz stones with LED lights inside them. They slowly change from one color to another. They’re just cool and they certainly couldn’t hurt.

The FUZE necklace is available here:

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