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Nov 162007

I have a huge Star Trek collection. I display the majority of it loose on shelves. This can be a huge problem when it comes to dusting to the toys, models and other collectibles. I really need a good solution to protect and better display my stuff.

That’s where Potomac Display company comes in handy. They make plastic and acrylic display cases. They’ll even do custom display cases if I cannot find something to fit my exact needs, but they carry so much I doubt I will need to do a custom case.

Since my action figures are mostly loose I am looking at their rectangular table for counter displays. They look perfect for raising the back row of figures for better viewing.

I will definitely be getting a bunch of ornament hangers for all those Hallmark ornaments I have sitting around waiting for a Christmas tree.

Inspired by Potomac Display – riker mounts free shipping

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  2 Responses to “Looking for Plastic/Acrylic Displays for My Collection”

  1. Hi-

    I would LOVE to find a display case to display the light up Hallmark Christmas ornaments. I would love to have a display that allows you to hide the main christmas tree wires but allow opening to plug the ornaments in. Anyone hear of such a thing or have an idea where I could get one/have one made.


  2. Hello-

    I am trying to find a display case to display around 10 Star Trek Hallmark light up ornaments. Do you know of someone who makes a case that can hide the power cord for ornaments, allow the wire to enter the display area, and hang the ornaments? Do you have any idea of who I can contact?

    Thank you,

    Stephen Stumpf

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