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Oct 062007

Zombie SpideyZombie Spidey in 7 inch plastic is one cool looking figure. He looks just like he stepped out of the pages of the Marvel hit mini-series Marvel Zombies. His leg is even removable. [Well actually it comes in his hand and isn’t easily re-attached to the body.] And includes a base with pieces of the doomed Silver Surfer [other bits and pieces of the surfer will show up on the other bases of Marvel Zombies figures].

The figures are designed by Marvel Toyz and sculpted by Dig Deep Entertainment for a Marvel Select release. Decaying Spider-man is the first figure on the menu but not the last. Up next will be Colonel America and the Hulk.

Two minor complaints about this figure that I waited so long for…

Zombie Spider-manFirst, the base while cool is not functional. Not really. There is no peg, nor hole in the foot for a peg. So there is no real way to keep the figure standing on the base. Which is a bit shame as I know walking by this figure on a daily basis will shake him off the stand and onto the floor many times over.

Secondly, the figure’s packaging is way too big. Thank god I am not a mint on card collector as this would take up far too much room in the house. Even worse is the problem with us openers. All that plastic and cardboard has to go in a landfill and harm the environment. Not to mention the petroleum products involved in making the plastic for this packaging. The figure would have fit in a package about half the size or maybe even less. Marvel should really rethink their Marvel Select packaging.

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