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Dec 282007

I am so screwed being out of work all this time from that damn accident. My boss told me she would pay me for my time off work, but also said she would only cover the part of my lost wages that insurance did not cover. This was very generous especially since we do not get any sick days and I had already used all my vacation days. So I was paid for the first two weeks and I paid my bills, no money in the bank.

I get my check for the next two weeks and it is only for the few hours I had actually clocked in for. They knew I had been working from home when I was not there plus I was still expecting at least one more week from them. I understand why they did not as I should be getting something from insurance, but I have not yet heard from the insurance company as of yet. And I have no idea when or if I will get anything from them. So basically I cannot pay my car payment. I cannot even get back and forth from work as I don’t have enough for gas.

I had a little bit of a break down and they said they would lend me the money until I get my insurance check, but I decided to just get them to add in the hours I worked from home and the tow days I had left of my vacation and I should have enough for the car payment and gas now, but the rest of my bills will have to wait until I get some more money coming my way. So off to the web to try and make some money. I guess eBay will be my first step, but it takes money to make money with all the fees. Being piss poor is no fun. It is really hard to live hand to mouth. Well that’s my sob story and I am sticking to it.

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