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Sep 142007

My bad luck with food continues. It even extends to my cats now! Yesterday I came home with my cat’s favorite treat, Whole Life Salmon. But when I went to give him some the treats were not the same quality as the last time I bought a bag. They were thin and had the fish skin still on making it really hard to break into small enough pieces for a cat. So I gave him a few pieces and then called the company in the morning. They promised to replace the bag and apologized for the problem. I received the bag UPS today, two days later. Now that is customer service!

Oh but that is not the end of the store. We went out to eat tonight. Wing night, yum. I got a mixed bag of wings but when they arrived 6 were missing! The waitress went to check on them and brought them out later with a lame excuse that the cooks forgot to pull them out of the fryer, or something like that. But since they were now cold and dried out I would have to say she missed them when she picked up the order. Shame because other than that the meal wasn’t half bad. At least the company was good even if the food and service was a little off. I won’t be writing California Bar and Grill off the list just yet [this is only their second strike after all…we had dried out, jerky-like wings one other time and the manager wouldn’t do anything about it].

I wonder how long this bad luck streak with food will continue. I did however get nice responses from both Pepsi and McDonalds. So all is good there.

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