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Aug 282007

Mr. Bean’s tragic trek across France on his vacation is hilarious, but not that anyone could tell by the box office reception. After opening weekend the film Mr. Bean’s Holiday only came in fourth for the weekend’s box office totals. This is a rather poor showing for a funny man like Rowan Atkins. But then again US audiences never do seem to get British comedy. Let’s not even venture into what usually happens when we try to Americanize a hit show [just remember what happened to Coupling once it hit the US and that will speak volumes].

This funny little flick from across the pond doesn’t seem to have faired much better with critics. This is a case of “time to make up your own mind about a film” and just to see it. You’ll laugh [rather often too]. Only thing missing is Teddy [and I hope he was not in the suitcase]. The final scene when everything seems to come together is really rather clever. Check it out and get your giggle on.

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