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Nov 142007

I have to agree with a lot of folks out there Wal-Mart sucks. And I am sure I could find any number of sites to go post my bitching sessions. But I will try to contain it to my little blog here [if I can]. They just seem to keep aggravating me though.

As I have said previously, one of the Wal-marts I used to frequent stopped having their weekly discounts on the DVD new releases. I of course had to start something with them.

After that call I had pretty much written off that Wal-mart as I pass 4 more on the way home from work daily. But just out of curiosity I had to call Tuesday to see how much they were selling Shrek the Third for and was told $16.88 not the $14.97 the other stores have nor the $14.87 has it for, but at least a discount of sorts.

I still went to Target to get it for $14.99 instead of shopping there. Just like I told the guy on the phone.

 UPDATE: [Thurs. 11/15/07] as of now the price at the Elverson Walmart is back up to 19.96. Did the guy lie to me on the phone or was it only on sale for Tuesday only? I’ll never know as I won’t be going back into that Wal-mart for a very long time.

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