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Apr 162007

Okay, I cannot believe I am the one to figure this out. Usually I am the last one to place a face or know an actor that looks familiar, but this time I got this one first.

I have been watching Blood Ties [Sundays @ 10 on Lifetime] and for the life of me I knew I knew the woman playing the lead role but could not place her. Then it dawned on me. Christina Cox whole plays Vicki Nelson was in Better Than Chocolate. [A nicely done lesbian love story where the girl actually gets the girl in the end instead of running off with the guy…you uknow what I am talking about Kevin Smith].

That little bit of knowledge alone is worth watching this series. I have gotten past the psuedo romance trying to play out between the three leads [seems stiff] the demonic storylines are enough for me. But I do think Vicki should drop the dead weight of Mike and stick with the hunky vampire [or at least I think he is supposed to be hunky].

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