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May 262007

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End. [At our usual time. The first showing of the day on Saturday morning. We will never see a film at night again the local audiences are too disrespectful of the other film patrons.]

It was pretty good. The first two are better but this really ties things up. While I heard this is supposed to be the last I think they left wiggle room for a fourth if they really want the money. If you are expecting nonstop action this is not the film for you. There is plenty of action but it only takes up about one third of the three hours of the film. Kids behind us were bored and talking and kicking the seats so maybe you wanna leave them behind, perhaps.

 Oh, and a heads up. If you have not already heard this be sure and stay through the entire run of the credits. There is a tiny little scene at the end that seems to be an integral part of the storyline even though it is left for a mostly missed part of the film. So stick it out. [Sorry no spoilers here].

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