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Dec 012007

Last year I had a dream about one of my exes being in a automobile accident. They were driving a late model dark SUV and were T-Boned. The SUV flipped. It was bad possibly fatal. For weeks, even months, I felt like I lost someone close to me. So I tracked down the ex after fifteen years to see how they were doing, but I was only treated like a psychotic stalker [which I could hardly be if I waited fifteen years to hunt them down now could I?].

Well it turns out I had the interpretation wrong. The accident did involve a dark green late model SUV but it was me in the vehicle that hit that SUV. Since that accident a week ago I have been in severe pain due to the six broken ribs and numerous bruises.

I know that my ex would be happy to know I am the injured party in all this, especially after the way my request for info last year went down. I wonder if I wrote to tell them I am badly injured if they would consider that harassment even though contact was made a year apart? Knowing them yeah. But would the joy of knowing of my injuries out weigh the psychosis of thinking I am stalking them? Nah, they would most likely balance out and I would get a call from that cop friend again telling me to leave them alone, how childish and paranoid can you be to take a step like that. But this time mister officer could look up the police report on my end to know I am telling the truth.

Well, screw them and next time I dream they are in trouble we will have to assume the information is meant for me again and I will leave them alone.

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