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Nov 212007

So what do you get that business guy that seems to have everything? And no room for anything?

Well, guys love gadgets and a lot of gals do too. If they are on the road a lot or travel tugging along their laptop computer an accessory along those lines is always a good bet.

A good suggestion is the ScanShell 2000N. The scanshell 2000N allows them to scan and save all kinds of business documents at the touch of a button. It is small and lightweight, only 14 ounces. It is very easy to stow in that laptop bag and it does not take up a lot of desk space either. It uses the USB port for power so you aren’t dragging along AC adapters.

Quality is pretty good too for such a small sheet scanner. It scans at 600 dpi and saves your documents to all the standard formats like JPG, PNG, TIF, and others. It also scans directly into your software already on your system like Paint, Arobat and more. ScanShell also comes with Scan2Contacts for scanning business cards directly into MS Outlook.

The best part is that it is Vista compliant. So if you were forced into upgrading or got a new system with the Vista operating system on it this little portable scanner will work for you.

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