LEGO Brand Retail
Jul 272007

Personally I hate exclusives. And I especially hate them when they are impossible to get. I am referring to the Star Trek Snoopy and Woodstock bobble heads from Funko. Which are only available at San Diego Comic Con [going on right now].trek-snoopy-woodstock.jpg

 Being on the east coast I cannot easily or affordably head over and pick these up.

 Being the big Star Trek geek that I am I NEED these! But how to get them when I just now found out about them. I quickly posted to PlayTrek [Star Trek Collectors group and hope someone can help me, but it does not look good].

 Called and emailed the manufacturer and they could care less. Maybe if they do not sell out they will appear somewhere other than eBay. I will not pay those prices for them, no way no how!

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