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Dec 292007

With the rising cost of fuel oil it is getting to be really expensive to heat our house. We are in need of oil yet again. At this rate we might be freezing to death by the time the really cold weather hits us. We are looking into alternate ways to heat the house and the best thing we have come across are room heaters. Basically we will heat the rooms we are in and keep the rest of the house cooler to keep our oil usage down. DESA Online Outlet has quite a few options to choose from natural gas heaters, propane heaters and electric heaters. Once we pinpoint which options we want then we have to choose if we want a fireplace, stove or wall heater.

There is a really nice electric stove, which gives you the warming glow of a fire without the fire. Plus it is small enough to be able to be mobile and go from room to room with us unlike the very cool fireplaces. My parents had a gas fireplace and it was great. It not only added heat to the room but also added a nice homey atmosphere.

Besides the attractive home interior heating solutions there is also a great selection of gas garage heaters too. Dad should have one of these for his detached garage so he can do some of his outdoor chores even when the temperatures drop.

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