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May 292007

Reality TV just sucks big time. And guess what we get a big dose of starting this month? A bunch of reality TV show crap that’s what. It is the same old same old with a few new ones thrown in for good measure.

But in amongst all that reality crap and it is crap don’t try to fool yourself into thinking it is entertaining ‘cause it isn’t, you may actually find some good TV if you flip through the channels a bit.

Here’s a list of some [hopefully] quality shows for your viewing pleasure:

Weeds [Can’t wait to see what happens after last season’s finale. Thank god for on-demand!] Returns 8/13 on SHO @ 9 [that’s EST as will all the times be from this notice forward].

Saving Grace new show starring Holly Hunter as Det. Grace Hannadarko 7/18 on TNT @ 10.

Kyle XY he meets up with his XX [female] counter part. 6/11 ABC Family @ 8.

Hex BBC America Saturdays @ 9. 2nd and sadly final season L

Creature Comforts new series from the guy who gives us Wallace and Gromit. Hopefully the USA version will not meet with the same fate as other Brit shows to cross the pond. 6/4 on CBS @ 8.

Eureka a town full of scientists mad and otherwise comes back for another season on SCIFI 7/10 @ 9.

Flash Gordon on SCIFI premieres 8/10. This will not be the 80s Flash [aaaaaaaah] version [check out the 80s Flash action figures at Entertainment Earth].

The 4400. 6/17 on USA @ 9

The Dead Zone Johnny is back! Hopefully sans political entanglements, the show is much better without them. 6/17 USA @ 10.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Cartoon Network 6/17 @ 10. Special 30th Anniversary show featuring the voice of Lucas himself!

Monk. The phobias return on 7/13 on USA @ 9.

The Closer 6/18 TNT @ 9. Not just another cop show.

Doctor Who. Last season we got a new Dr. This season a new companion. Loving this series. 7/6 on SCIFI @ 9

Jekyll 8/4 BBC America @ 8. Jekyll controls his Hyde with technology but watch out Big Brother might be watching.

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