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Oct 132007

SupermanI just finished watching the new DC Comics DVD Superman vs Doomsday. It was taken from the death of Superman stories, but turns out a bit different than the books. I do like the animation. It is a little like the Marvel animated movies before it. But I have two major complaints.

First, the high cheekbone lines on Superman’s face need to go. They do not have the desired effect. Instead they only make him look like he is supposed to be a hundred years old.

Superman and LoisSecondly, why Anne Heche as Lois Lane? I hear her voice and I see the dizzy blonde she is and not Lois. But maybe it is fitting that the other famous break down in superman proportions also now plays Lois. Like Margot Kidder before her Lois is once again being played by a whack job. When they do more of these I hope they pick a better actress to do Lois’ voice.

There are points when the story is a little slow but overall I think it is pretty good for a first time out. Thanks DC.

Visit the official Superman vs Doomsday Website for more info.

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