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Oct 222007

Wanna start a website? First, you’ll need a domain. Yeah, some hosting companies do offer a one year free domain with hosting like [my choice for hosting], but you don’t always have the best control over the domains.

Choose the domain name that is right for you and then come up with a few variations of that domain. Reason for the variations is because your first choice is not always available. You can check below to see if your domain is available or not.

Make sure no one takes your name! - Home of the $1.99 domain name

If the domain you want is available now you need to choose a registrar. I recommend They offer the most flexible services for the best prices. Even if you are not ready to get your website hosted [they do that too], you can park the domain or use it for email only until ready to build that site. if you are just thinking about getting a site sometime in the future and have an idea of what you want the domain to be, I would suggest that you grab your domain now. The way domains are grabbed up by the time your think to act someone else already has the one you want. Head to for your domain name today.

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