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Oct 262007

The restaurant issues continue. This time we are back to Applebees, but a different one than before. This time it was a take out order for all of us at work. We have ordered from them before and have had problems from them before as well.

This time they let us order something that was no longer on the menu, which really held up the order when we went to pick it up. So we sat around waiting for the order once we made the changes for the two salads that are no longer on the menu. [They were smart enough to give us an updated menu to take with us.]

Anywho, we got back with our newly formulated ordered only to discover that the salads had no dressings. Luckily we had some on hand as the wilted lettuce would not have been very good without something on it. The worst part about this little glitch was the fact that it was a to go order and to get it fixed we would have had to drive all the way back to the restaurant. Not worth it.

I am really starting to think that perhaps I just should not order out at all.

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  One Response to “The Restaurant Black Cloud Continues to Hover Over Me”

  1. UPDATE: I got a call from Applebees about this issue and they are sending out some coupons for our next visit. Interesting that on restaurant just sends out a flat amount without checking on what was wrong and the other calls and says they’ll cover the amount of the check.

    Guess it all boils down to management styles. The fact that the first restaurant had the manager come over three times without saying anything in person makes sense they would not bother to call.

    Anywho, what started out bad has made a turn toward the good.

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