LEGO Brand Retail
May 012007

First, they discontinue my favorite ice tea, oolong leaving me and the rest of the world with that crappy blueberry oolong. If you are going to continue to make oolong to add the over powering blueberry flavor to it why not still make the good plain oolong? It is SO much better than that stuff from a powder they continue to sell as regular iced tea [heck if I wanted Nestea I would buy Nestea].

Then, they bring back the world’s best ice cream flavor, butter brickle only to discontinue that as well.

Now, they have really pushed my buttons. Today I was speeding by the store on my way to fill my gas tank and I saw they still had the huge sign out front advertising 3 gallons for $5. So I decided to get my gas there and pick up drinks for work. I would not have paid the extra money to get their gas had I known they would not honor their advertised pricing! Instead I would have continued on the cheaper gas station and picked up one gallon there.

I go inside to get my tea and pay for the gas. First thing I ask is will they honor the advertised pricing from the front sign. The girl behind the counter said no because she had already start scanning. Okay, first is this not false advertisement? Do you not have to honor the pricing if the sign is still in place?

This store should have removed ALL signs before changing their sale pricing in their system. Heck they should have removed all signage the night before a new sale was to begin. I never heard of starting a new sale with the old signs in place before. Every store I have ever worked in or shopped in for that matter honors pricing if the sale sign is still in place. Of course you remove the sign and then honor the price as you do not want to repeat the lower price for more than that customer. But that customer gets that pricing.

If I had a lawyer I would be calling them just to cause problems, but since I don’t I am making my point about this false advertising here.

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