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Nov 142007

I often thought things like vaginal rejuvenation was just something made up for shows like The L Word or Nip/Tuck, but it is a real procedure with real benefits. After doing a little research on Drs. Moore and Miklos’ website I have found other interesting conditions woman face in regards to their genital area that can cause some serious physical and emotional distress.

Their website is very thorough and informative not only about the doctors who are performing these procedures but about the procedures themselves. These doctors are world renowned in the field of urogynecology having performed surgeries on people from 25 countries and 46 states who have flown to Atlanta, GA seeking their help.

Vaginal surgery is not just the elective cosmetic procedure Hollywood would like us to think it is. It is a serious surgery that helps women the world over.

Plastic Surgery by Drs. Miklos & Moore – International leaders in laparoscopic and minimally invasive vaginal & reconstructive surgery.

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