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Dec 012007

Literally! Take a look at the world and the universe from a whole new perspective with the help of The site has it all from telescopes and binoculars to nightvision goggles and sunglasses. They really are your one stop shop to find that perfect gift for any one interested in either the macroverse or the microverse. They have everything from telescopes to microscopes to meet anyone’s needs.

Personally, I would love just about anything from their online catalog. Except maybe the Raybans, I need prescription glasses, but they have those too. I have always had an interest in optics and different ways to see the world. Perhaps that is why I dabble in photography. I always wanted a telescope so I could hook up my camera back to it and take celestial photos.

Then when I was taking microbiology I got hooked on taking photos with the microscope. And last year I went to Philly to see a great photo exhibit from Nikon on taking pictures with the microscope. Boy, do I wish I had the opportunity to do similar work. Looks like could help me get there. All I need to do is raise the money.

Underwritten by they offer FREE shipping on orders of $30 or more.

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