LEGO Brand Retail
Nov 122007

I got a chance to speak to an assistant manager at the Wal-mart in question regarding the overpriced, non-discounted new release DVDs.

She said she would take it up with their marketing manager and that without anyone actually telling them the price increase bothered them they would never know. What a crock. They were just taking advantage of the people in that small town by not offering them what is offered in 5 other area Wal-marts and online to boot.

I was told they do not price comparison other Wal-marts or their own website. So I guess what they are telling me is that any Wal-mart any where can for no reason other than they want a few extra bucks jack the prices up. There is no corporate control at the store level of prices. It is a shame. I know they have lost my business. I would rather buy online from then go back there even if they go back to the same sale prices for the new release DVDs.

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