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Nov 232007

I noticed that Wal-mart was having several Black Friday sales. I have no intention of ever going into the Elverson, PA Walmart again, but I was curious about whether they had the same sales the company was advertising all over the place.

 I really doubt it. They are continuing to sell their new release DVDs at $16.88 instead of the $14.96 all the area Wal-marts have the films at. But in any case they are at least offer the ignorant people in the area a slight discount. And $16.88 is better than the full price of $19.96, no?

 The only sale I was even interested in was for tomorrow. Saturday they are advertising 80 gig Playstation 3s for only $499. I do not have confirmation on this but an employee tells me that Elevrson will not have any of the PS3s in stock for the sale. Therefore they do not have to honor the national sale.

 Nowhere in Wally worlds advertisements does it say pricing varies or in participating stores only, like when Burger King runs an ad.

 I think a big corporation should be uniform throughout all their stores. Don’t you? Therefore I have decided to send a small message. Any DVD I still have that has not been open and was purchased at Wal-mart is going back. I have already returned my Avatar the Last Airbender DVD and will be returning Spider-man 3 as well. So if you still have some sitting around, help me make a stand and return it and let them know why when you do. Thanks.

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