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Oct 202007

Rowlings outed Dumbledore this weekend at a question and answer session at Carnegie Hall in New York. A kid asked her if Dumbledore ever loved anyone, her reply was “Dumbledore is gay, actually”.

Personally, I think it was brave of her to make such a statement and to stick by it. According to, she was in a script read through for the sixth film when they had Dumbledore talking about a girl he once knew and she pointed it out to the movie folks right then and there that he was in fact gay.

Of course this just adds fuel to the fire to all the right-winged, Christian nut jobs out there who thing that the Harry Potter books series is the coming of the anti-christ. For goodness sakes it is a non-religious, fictional fantasy series people. Go fight some real evil and lower my gas prices!

One idiot, Laura Mallory, even went so far as to say “A homosexual lifestyle is a harmful one. That’s proven, medically.” WTF? What medical journals is she getting her science fiction from? But what can we expect from someone who got notoriety by proclaiming that the book series was indoctrinating kids into the Wiccan religion. Sounds to me like she is just one more of those people who are out to ban Halloween and Christmas trees just because they are based on pagan religions.

The book series is good and no political or religious agenda is pushed on anyone, child or adult. The only thing Rowlings pushes on anyone is tolerance and acceptance. Unlike those who are spouting all of this hate toward everyone over a fictional character.

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