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Nov 292007

If things appear a little out of sorts, they most likely are. Sunday the 25th of November at 11:30 am a jackass decided he could not wait 5 seconds until we passed him before he turned directly into our lane to make a left hand turn.

 He was either a total idiot who thought 10 feet was enough room or he was on a cell phone and not paying attention. He did not have his turn signal on so we had no warning until his dark green Ford Explorer was already in front of us.

It could have been a lot worse. Thank god we were wearing our seat belts and that the airbags went off. They saved our lives, but not my ribs. I have 6 broken ribs and major bruises from other wounds. But I am alive. And thanks to strong pain killers I am not feeling as bad as I should. But I have only been home from the hospital for one full day now and it seems to be going down hill since I have come home.

Moral of this story kids is pay attention when you are driving and ALWAYS wear your seat belt!

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